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You may not have heard of them yet, but Apace Systems provides the most tightly integrated MAM & Storage solution for Adobe workflows. This includes features like frame accurate proxy-editing, and integrated plugins for Adobe Premiere and After-Effects.

Below you will find a quick 7 minute video highlighting one of the features of Apace PostMAM, the Adobe Premiere Plugin.

PostMAM resides on the Apace VStor chassis so the system delivers as a turnkey solution. However, Apace can also mount existing hardware platforms you may already own. We also can cluster multiple chassis to give you seamless expandability.

Perhaps you need to manage offline drives, or you wish to archive to the shelf. With Apace Offline Drive Manager (ODM) we can provide you an elegant and simple way to accomplish this.

See below a partial list of clients:

We just completed a week of successful demo's on this product and every one of them is considering it for their workflow. Some are looking to dump a competing product, and some are looking to take their first step into the world of MAM. Please contact COMMAND Corporation for more information.

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