Channel In A Box (CIAB)

COMMAND Corporation has developed a Channel-In-A-Box solution in partnership with Harmonic. It provides a complete turnkey playout solution in 1 rack unit for all of our clients who need an amazing look, with high reliability, and simple interface.

The system takes advantage of the Harmonic Channel Port which provides you with 4 - 8 key layers capable of playing back a variety of graphics files and especially Adobe .SWF files which gives you a limitless canvas capable of the most STRIKING and intelligent graphics. There are two independent playout channels each with an SD Simulcast output and 2 upstream inputs for routable sources.

The system is built on the RELIABLE Harmonic Media Deck 1RU server which has the longest up-time of any server in it's class. This means you do not have to worry about going off line. Our integrated master control also provides you with several levels of additional reliability.

The CIAB is designed around the Harmonic Polaris Play automation, which is EASY to use. With this system you have a simple and easy to use scheduler as well as several other useful tools like FX TOOL which is used to manually turn on an d off graphics layers as needed, as well as update dynamic graphics elements.

COMMAND Corporation currently has a demo system of the Channel In A Box (CIAB) working in concert with Integrated Master Control (iMCR) equipment. Please contact us for a demo. or (727) 560-0134

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