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Public, Education, & Government (PEG)

We design and deploy systems that support all aspects of the PEG industry.  We have a deep understanding of K-12, City, County, State, and Federal Government.  Our design modality comes from experience in working with these groups.  We listen and we apply common-sense solutions that are easy to maintain and operate.  Technology should not get in the way.


The church and its ministries are held in high esteem by the team at COMMAND Corporation.  We are followers of Jesus, and therefore have a vested interest to help support ministries that are doing the work of Christ.  We have been a well regarded supplier of technology and a provider of solutions to this segment since the mid 1970's. 


In short, you can think of us as your "solutions concierge".  COMMAND Corporation operates in several capacities for this space:

- Owners Representative / Design Lead

- Project Coordination / Management

- Technology Supplier

- System Integration, Training, and Support

*It is becoming ever more common, in our experience, for houses-of-worship to take on a greater role in the deployment of their own systems projects.  It fosters a sense of ownership and investment on the part of their teams.  It can also save the church a substantial amount of money.  For this reason, COMMAND Corporation will oftentimes recommend a project scenario that leverages this in order to help stretch your budget to its maximum potential.  We work very successfully in this capacity.

*Something to consider:  Leasing is a great way to fund technology in a church environment.  We have a variety of ministries that have found this to be the best way for them to move from a CAPEX to OPEX model.


What can you expect from us?

- 100% attention to you and the needs of your ministry

- Your expectations to met, or exceeded ALWAYS.

- Commitment to fiscal responsibility

- We don't stop until you are happy.

- The best value for your dollar.

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