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The church and its ministries are held in high esteem by the team at COMMAND Corporation.  We are followers of Jesus, and therefore have a vested interest to help support ministries that are doing the work of Christ.  We have been a well regarded supplier of technology and a provider of solutions to this segment since the mid 1970's. 


In short, you can think of us as your "solutions concierge".  COMMAND Corporation operates in several capacities for this space:

- Owners Representative / Design Lead

- Project Coordination / Management

- Technology Supplier

- System Integration, Training, and Support

*It is becoming ever more common, in our experience, for houses-of-worship to take on a greater role in the deployment of their own systems projects.  It fosters a sense of ownership and investment on the part of their teams.  It can also save the church a substantial amount of money.  For this reason, COMMAND Corporation will oftentimes recommend a project scenario that leverages this in order to help stretch your budget to its maximum potential.  We work very successfully in this capacity.

*Something to consider:  Leasing is a great way to fund technology in a church environment.  We have a variety of ministries that have found this to be the best way for them to move from a CAPEX to OPEX model.


What can you expect from us?

- 100% attention to you and the needs of your ministry

- Your expectations to met, or exceeded ALWAYS.

- Commitment to fiscal responsibility

- We don't stop until you are happy.

- The best value for your dollar.

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